Ludo Hartmann, illustrator in Fribourg (Switzerland)...

from pencil to vector drawing...

Ludo has had a passion for drawing from an early age. He discovered computer assisted drawing techniques during a company internship in a Multimedia start-up.

During this experience, he's worked on CD and DVD-Rom projects as well as websites, as an illustrator and graphic designer.

Since then pen tablet is part of his creative tools, as well as pencils and ink.


Artist's portrait for the Swiss Art Expo 2021


A firm from Fribourg

2003: creation of, a Fribourg based company, first specialised in illustrations, caricatures and comics on every kind of support, the small structure will soon enrich its range of services with graphic design services such as poster layouts, business cards and websites.


Inspired by Fribourg...

Fribourg, especially its old town, is one of the illustrator's favourite subjects. Represented as a background for Christmas cards, stylised for posters or even in a destructured and mixed variation, the buildings of this city of the Zaehringen are a constant source of inspiration.


A broad range of techniques

Always seeking for the most suitable technique for the theme, Ludo turns from the pencil to felt-tip pen, from vector drawing to digital painting, from paper sheet in two dimensions to the embossed design of the pop-ups.

The diversity of the projects to be realised lets him regularly collaborate with printing offices, communications, advertising and multimedia agencies, as well as Christmas card publishers or newspapers.

Among his clients: Companies, foundations, magazines, cards providers, communications, advertising and multimedia agencies, state organisations and private clients.


Among his publications...

April 2020: 3 illustrations for Skateboards decks, for the firm Approvedline Swiss Skateboarding;

March 2020: 3 Illustrations for Tribolos (scratching lottery tickets) Easter special edition, for la Loterie Romande;


Mémoires de la Secrète (2020)

Collective comic book published by Editions Fleurs-bleues in Januars 2020.
Size 21 x 29 cm
64 pages

2019: Illustration of the traditional Saint-Nicolas gingerbread, Fribourg;

2019: illustrations for the Institution de Lavigny Advent Calendar;

2019: Illustrations realised for the University of Fribourg exhibition stand, at the Bilingualism Day in Fribourg, Saturday 21th September 2019;


Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in Fribourg (2017)

Illustrations of the booklet published by Fribourg Tourisme, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the stay of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in Fribourg.
Size 14.8 x 21 cm
16 pages

1700 et des Poussières (2016)

Collective comic book published by Editions Fleurs-bleues in October 2016.
Size 21 x 29 cm
88 pages

L'Histoire des Fribourgeois et de la Suisse

The general public eagerly awaited this book, as they always wanted to get a complete and chronological history of the canton of Fribourg and Switzerland.
You'll find all what you always wanted to know about the history of this canton in this mini-encyclopaedia, that everybody can enjoy.

Author: Alain-Jacques Tornare, Doctor in History, Lecturer in Fribourg University and author of many articles and historical books.

Illustrated in colour.

Published in october 2012
Format 15 X 22 cm
ISBN 978-2-88295-652-1
208 pages

Order through Cabédita publishing:


Christmas cards published by Editions Gilbert Fleury, in 2006, 2012 and 2014.

Among the subjects, you'll discover Fribourg and its old tramway, its Town Hall richly decorated, and also its old town, with its ice skaters, its bridges and its famous dragon!

You'll discover the beautiful region of Gruyères from another perspective, riding the Chalamala ski run, going sledding at the famous Bulle Market place, and finishing on top of the Gruyères Christmas tree.

All these cards are available through Editions Gilbert Fleury


2016: 3 Illustrations for Tribolos (scratching lottery tickets) 1st of August, special edition, for la Loterie Romande;

2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 : illustrations realised for the prevention campaigns « La Bonne Conduite ». Client and working group: Vaud Cantonal Police, Directorate General for Mobility and Roads, Automobile and Navigation Service, Touring Club Switzerland, Road Safety. Concept and realisation: B+G & Partners SA;

2012: illustrations for the Fribourg Government Program 2012-2016, published by the State of Fribourg;

2011: 3 Illustrations for Tribolos (scratching lottery tickets) Easter special edition, for la Loterie Romande;

2008-2010: monthly illustration for the Rotary magazine;

2009: colourist for the illustrated book: Der Kieswichtel im Bakisaland, by Silvana Dober and Hans-Peter Schaffner, ilu AG ©2009;

3 Illustrations for Tribolos (scratching lottery tickets) Christmas special edition, for la Loterie Romande;

2003-2009: illustrations in IRO magazine - Swiss magazine for inventions and innovations;

2006: strip-comics called Actualité médiévale, published during the summer in the newspaper La Gruyère;

6 Christmas cards published by les Editions Gilbert Fleury (Villars-sur-Glâne);

2005: Illustration chosen for a Tribolo (scratching lottery ticket), for la Loterie Romande.


La DisparTition

Comic book published in 2004, for the Bicentenary of La Landwehr, official Music Corps of the State and City of Fribourg.



June 2022
Exhibition by the Artboxy platform on 4K screens in the following galleries:
Lelie Galerij (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Urbanside Gallery (Zürich) and Thomson Gallery (Zug)

May 2022
Exhibition by the Artboxy platform on 4K screens in the following galleries:
Lelie Galerij (Amsterdam, Netherlands) and Urbanside Gallery (Zürich)

April 2022
Exhibition by the Artboxy platform on 4K screens in the following galleries:
Urbanside Gallery (Zürich), Tana Art Space (Venice, Italy) and Thomson Gallery (Zug)

February - May 2022
My artwork Zurich Opernhaus - Sechseläuten Beach exhibited at the Tana Art Space in Venice, Italy, during the Biennale di Venezia Arte 2022.

December 2021 - January 2022
Exhibition in Urbanside Gallery, Zürich (

August 2021
Exhibition in Swiss Art Expo 2021, Zurich Main Station

August - October 2018
Exhibition in Mad Hairstyling Galerie, Zürich

April – May 2018
Participation at collective exhibition "Artistes fribourgeois, nouvelle génération", in Galerie Osmoz, Bulle

February - May 2017
Exhibition in Musée Gutenberg, Fribourg

July - September 2016
Exhibition in Gallery Daniel Gumy, Bulle

Oct. 2015 - March 2016
Exhibition in Café du Gothard, Fribourg

Oct. 30 - December 6th 2014
Participation at collective exhibition « Mondialisation » (Globalization), at Galerie Contraste, Fribourg.
Audience award for his work « La Dérive de la Mondialisation » (Globalization’s drift)

Participation at the event Art-Culte in Fribourg, as exhibitor and illustrator for a live illustrated music concert;
Exhibition in Musée de l'Orgue, Roche (VD)

Illustration chosen to be exhibited as part of the 850th Anniversary of Fribourg in the exhibition "Le Génie inventif de Fribourg" at the Fribourg Trade Show

Live realisation of a comic page in Musée d'art et d'histoire de Fribourg, during the closing of an exhibition

Participation at collective exhibition "Illustrateurs au pays de Fribourg", in Galerie Osmoz, Bulle;
Giant mobile project (20 displays of 120 x 180 cm) for the event "La musique est au Centre", at the Fribourg-Centre shopping mall

Festival BédéMANIA, for the publishing of Comic book La DisparTition